Love Is Love Lyrics Mismatched season 2

Love Is Love Lyrics From New TV show Mismatched season 2 Sung by Taaruk Raina while its lyrics writen by Anoushka Maskey.

love is love lyrics

Love Is Love Song Detail

Song Love is Love
Singer Taaruk Raina
Movie Mismatched Season 2

Love Is Love Lyrics Mismatched season 2 

The sun was not this bright in

my eyes a minute ago oh

i'd run, but i dont believe

there's a reason to hide anymore oh

I could say i am alright 

understanding my mind

when i feel like the weight of 

all the world is off my back

glowing in a new light

the feeling that i wont fight

i've been in the 

dark and now i see

i'm free to love

i'm free in love

i'm free because of love 

no beneath, 

nothing is love 

love is love 

i could tell you 

i'm not sure i'll say 

it right i can try

if i'm honest 

i'm tongue-tied 

if you haven't noticed

i could say i'm alright

understanding my mind 

when i feel like the 

weight of all

world is off my back

glowing in 

a new light 

the feeling that 

i won't fight

i've been in the dark 

and now i see

set the saills let 

the day begin

watch the sun  

let the light 

in love is love

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