Are You Entertained Lyrics Ed Sheeran

Are You Entertained Lyrics, This Song Sung by Ed Sheeran. Brand new English Song Are You Entertained Lyrics written by Ed Sheeran. Its Music composer is Fred again.

 Ed Sheeran Are you entertained

Are You Entertained Lyrics

I’m never sellin’ my soul
My records are platinum and gold
It just keeps happenin’, woah
Every time, you see me
Shine and move up (yeah)

My seat is reclined,
The jet is G5, I blew up
You tell me I fell off, but
Tell me what you’ve done
I’m still in my winnin’
Phase, ‘Rari switchin’ lanes

Are you entertained? I’m gone
Well, I’m in the pub with the bros
Lightin’ up somethin’ that goes
Nothin’ is froze But when
I put the kettle on, it’s a
number that nobody knows

I stay off the road, live in
The sticks Put my profit into
Mortar and bricks You know I got
Good advice from a couple guys
To leave more than just
Stress for my kids

Well, isn’t it blissful? Baby
Sittin’ in like we made it
It’s kinda mad how the game is
You celebrate it and hate it
But I don’t pay no attention to
the words Put out another one,
let it burn Still on the list,

you know what it is
They puttin’ me first, yeah
Met Russ in Carbone in New York
Now we here, and I’m killin’
the verse And every time,
it’s gotta be right And you told

Me “Teddy, boy, take ’em to church”

When you touch down up
in London, you know what?
Give me the stage and you’re
Gonna see how it goes off
Every time, every night
is a loose one

My seat is reclined,
the jet is G5, I blew up
You say that I dropped off,
Well then tell me what
you’ve done I’m still in
My winnin’ phase, ‘Rari switchin’
lanes Are you entertained?
I’m gone

Ed Sheeran

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