Surface Pressure Lyrics Jessica Darrow

Surface Pressure Lyrics by Jessica Darrow from movie Ecanto released on 2021.

 Surface Pressure Lyrics

I’m the strong one,

I’m not nervous

I’m as tough as

the crust of the earth is

I move mountains

I move churches

And i grow ’cause

I know My worth is

I don’t ask how hard the work is

Got a rough, indestructible surface

Diamonds and platinum,

I find ’em, i flatten ’em

I take what I’m handed,

I break what’s demanded, but

Under the surface

I feel berserk as a tighttrope

Walker in a three ring circus

Was hercules ever like

yo, i don’t wanna fight cerberus?

Under the surface

I’m pretty sure I’m worthless

If I can’t be of service

A flaw or crack

The straw in the stack

That breaks the camel’s back

what breaks the camel’s back

It’s pressure like a drip, drip,

Drip that’ll never stop, whoa

Pressure that’ll tip, tip,

Tip till you just go pop, whoa

Give it to your sister,

Your sister’s older

Give her all the heavy

things we can’t shoulder

Who am I if I can’t run with

The ball if I fall to

Pressure like a grip, grip,

Grip and it won’t let blow, whoa

Give it to sister,

Your sister’s stronger

See if she can hang

On a little longer

Who am I if can’t

carry it all if i father

Under the surface

I hide my nerves and

it wornes, I worry somthing

Is gonna hurt us

Under the surface

The ship doesn’t swerve as it

Heard how big the iceberg is

Under the surface

I think about my purpose

Can I somehow preserve this?

Line up the dominoes

A light wind blows

You try to stop it tumbling

But on and on it goes

But wait if i could shake

The crushing weight of Expectation

Would that free some room

Up for joy

Or relaxation, or simple pleasure

Keeps growing, keep going

‘Cause all we know is

Pressure like a drip, drip,

Drip that’ll never stop, woah

Give it to your sister,

It doesn’t hurt and see if she can

Hnadle every family burden

Watch as she buckles and

Bends But never breaks

No mistake, just

Pressure like a grip, grip, grip

And it won’t let go, woah

Pressure like a grip, grip, grip

And it won’t let go, woah

Pressure a tick, tick, tick

Till it’s ready to blow, woah

Give it your sister

 And never wonder

If the same pressure would’ve

pulled you under

Who am i if  I don’t have

What it takes?

No cracks, no no breaks

No mistake No mistake

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