EVIL J0RDAN Lyrics - Playboy Carti


Singer - Playboy Carti

EVIL J0RDAN Lyrics Playboy Carti


First I Go Whip Out The Boat

No, I Can't Hit On No Breaks

My Life Is Out Of Control

I'm Tellin' You, Nobody Safe

I've Been Livin' My Life Limbo

My Ice, It Came With A Tray

It's So Hot, I Gotta Hide My Face

This Not A Rockstar Phase

I'm A Emo, Thuggin' My Phase

Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero

Tell Her To Come Chase

Monkey Nuts, Hold Me

Baby, I Got On Two Chains

Roll Another Blunt And 

I Might Motherf*ckin' Faint

Spin On The Block, 

Have A Pu00y Ni00a Stained

I Just Put On My Boots, 

Ain't Worried 'bout No Rain

Put A Ni00a Down

Channel 2 Front Page

You Was Just Askin' For 

Some Change, Now You Changed?

Yeah, I Told You, Yeah, 

About That Money, Sh1tt Get Strange

Fully Loaded Check, Hold Up

Baby, Jordan Paid

I Put Duct Tape On My Switch

Perfect Aim

They Can't Put Me In No Genre Baby

Cause I Changed The Game

We F*ckin' On The Same H0e

But We Not The Same

Disrespect The 5

I Put Your A$ In The Food Chain

B1tch Keep Callin' My Phone

She Sayin' Ms. Jackson 

Goin' Through Her Brain 

We Was Just Outside Dancin', 

Movin' On Molly, Feelin' Insane

I F*cked The B1tch So Nasty

We Go Sephora Then We Go Pink

She Not So F*ckin' Toxic

And She Care About What I Think

She's Nothin' Like No Other B1tches

She Care About What I Drink

I Think She's A Fling

I Think She's A Play Maker

She Should Be On My Team

She Should Get Her A Ring

Sh1tt, It Can't Be Me

But She Could Be On The Team

Diamonds They Come Out The Water

My Sock, It Come With A Ring

The Wraith Came  With A Chauffer

The Chauffer Ready To Take Me

I Am The Music

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